Robert Dahnke

Research interests

surface-based morphometry
segmentation and surface reconstruction
cortical measures
structural brain development and plasticity
mammalian brain evolution
digital image processing


01/2008 Dipl.-Inf. (computer scientist)
University of Jena, Germany
10/2001 – 04/2008 computer science with medicine as 2nd minor field of study

Academic appointments (including visiting appointments)

07/2004 – 12/2007 Research Assistant
Department of Psychiatry, University of Jena, Germany

Robert Dahnke, Dipl.-Inf.

Date of birth Juli 3rd, 1981
Address Department of Neurology
Biomagnetic Center
Jena University Hospital
Am Klinikum 1
D – 07747 Jena

Phone: ++49-3641-9325771
Fax: ++49-3641-9325772
Marital status Single, no children
Nationality German